• Yesterday Gagnon emerged from his deep, dark cave to see daylight for the first time in a long time. You’d think upon doing this he would pursue the necessities of life. Instead one of the first things he saw was UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee’s trickshot video that’s been clogging the interwebs for weeks. Shhh, nobody tell him about the other QB viral video from Alex Tanney, who hails from the mighty division III powerhouse of Monmouth College.
  • Tuesday afternoon Pro Football Talk gave us some hope in these dreary days of February, reporting some positive progress during the mediation sessions between the NFL and NFLPA, sessions that are now spilling into a sixth day. This immediately perked the ears of Big Brother NFLPA spokesperson George Attalah, whose information control efforts are so far-reaching that he’ll deny any report, even positive ones.
  • In lockout-related news of the more neutral variety (not good or bad, just news), Adam Schefter reports that for the first time the NFL will hold a special meeting Thursday at the combine involving three representatives from each team: the head coach, general manager, and another high-ranking official. The purpose of the meeting will be to provide information regarding league activities leading up to and during the potential lockout.
  • The front office staff of the Los Angeles Angels is also paying close attention to the NFL labour negotiations, and not just because its stocked with a bunch of pigskin lovers who happen to hang out at a ball diamond during football’s offseason. If there’s a lockout, the Angels could have a fresh young outfielder in their system. His name? Jake Locker.
  • Cam Newton certainly isn’t the first quarterback accused of being too cocky heading into the NFL combine and draft. But there’s no denying the strong whiff of arrogance permeating from Camp Newton when the Heisman winner says he wants to be far more than just a football player, and will be an “entertainer/icon.”
  • Jacksonville continues to negotiate a long-term deal with tight end Marcedes Lewis. But if the details can’t be ironed out before Thursday’s franchise tag deadline then Lewis will be franchised.
  • The Steelers may be exploring the possibility of using a transition tag on veteran cornerback Ike Taylor.

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