Barring an extremely long, NHL 2004-style lockout, Super Bowl XLVI will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana in February of 2012.

In February of 2011, Ryan is in Indy, and he’s guaranteeing his team will be back there in a year.

And he’s guaranteeing they’ll be smiling.

“I thought we were going to win the Super Bowl the first two years,” Ryan told the media today at the Scouting Combine. “I guarantee we’ll win it this year.”

This is nothing new for Ryan, who picks his team to win annually and reminds us constantly, but he’s definitely stepping up the outrageousness a little. I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s used the word “guarantee.” And to use it late February? That’s just a little too much for me.

I love Ryan. He’s fun to cover and fun to watch. But I’m starting to think that his words are beginning to lose value. No one takes him as seriously as they do other coaches, because a guarantee or a confident prediction loses its weight when it gets used too often.