• Slow and steady worked for the tortoise when he beat that cocky, self-absorbed hare, and it’ll work for the Colts too in their contract negotiations with Peyton Manning.
  • In this age of having Horatio Caine hot on the tail of every high-end draft pick, each syllable spoken by Cam Newton will be deciphered in a forensic lab somewhere deep underground. This process is especially important to the Carolina Panthers and their fans as the team decides how the first overall pick will be used. The Cat Scratch Reader tried to help decode Newton’s latest comments yesterday, but realized his words were too scattered to categorize.
  • Mike Florio echoed what we’ve written in various forms for the past week, saying that the combine is useful, but game film and judging a player’s on-field performance is far more effective. More simply, the combine is a fun and exciting spectacle, but it’s not football.
  • Arian Foster led the NFL in rushing this past season while playing through a lingering knee injury first suffered way back in the first preseason game. He finally went under the knife on Wednesday to repair cartilage damage.
  • Roger Goodell‘s campaign for an 18-game season while saying that he takes player safety seriously remains a farce. But we’ll give him this: trying to pass concussion legislation in all 50 states and the District of Columbia for youth sports is noble. It’s also a nice PR move.
  • Mike Holmgren believes Colt McCoy is “the guy” in Cleveland.
  • The Panthers will place restricted free agent tenders on running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson, which can be applied to players with four or five years of service.

And we digress…

Our readers–yes, all eight of you–probably flip through our pigskin rantings daily and think that you could do this. You think that you have enough football knowledge to consistently feed fresh content to the always hungry blog beast on a daily basis.

Heck, who am I to insult your intelligence? (I’ve never done that before, right?). Maybe you could. Maybe.

Your blogging aspirations might even go far beyond football, and you might think you can blog about any sport. But be careful what you wish for, because you might end up strapped to a chair for seven months while losing any shred of a social life and blogging every baseball game. All 2,472 of them.

That’s the actual position now being offered by Major League baseball, which markets the “dream job” as an opportunity to “eat, sleep and live baseball for an entire year.” This would be fun for a week at most until you surrendered to insanity and became a trembling, overweight ball of nerves living in a dark room and incapable of interaction with any human.

Basically, you’d be this guy…