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  • The Cowboys plan on interviewing Cam Newton at the NFL Combine. The likelihood of Newton being on the board when Dallas picks ninth in the first round seems slim, as the Heisman winner is projected by some to go first overall to the Panthers. If Carolina decides to stay the course with Jimmy Clausen, a certain team in Buffalo that’s had a record of .500 or better only twice in the past 10 years is picking third.
  • Fighting fires in Kelowna, B.C was Danny Watkins‘ line of work four years ago, a time when he hadn’t even played in a single football game at any level. Now he’s one of the top rated guards at the Combine, and he’s drawing serious interest from the Seahawks.
  • This year’s class of offensive tackles is incredibly deep, heightening the importance of the already heavily scrutinized Combine events.
  • We’ve gone a few weeks without hearing how much Logan Mankins and his representatives don’t like the Patriots, so it’s about time that someone spouted off.
  • New 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh wants soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Alex Smith to stick around for next season. I guess he was too busy winning down the road at Stanford earlier this year to watch the boo-fest…
  • As is often the case, many of the prospects projected for early in the first round are underclassmen, a tag applied this year to the likes of Newton, linebacker Nick Fairley, and cornerback Patrick Peterson. Unlike the college seniors–who have four years worth of game film stocked up–these players are particularly difficult to evaluate in a two-to-three month period.
  • Reggie Bush is set to earn $11 million in 2011, a mountainous sum for a frequently injured running back who had only 450 all-purpose yards this season, and played in just eight games. His contract needs to be restructured if the former Mr. Kardashian wants to stay in New Orleans, and it seems that’s exactly what the Saints will attempt.
  • Jets linebacker Bart Scott is ready to rumble on TNA Impact, and will make an appearance alongside Hulk Hogan–the most real American in America–next week. Fittingly, a Jets player has been relegated to having his wrestling face time on an inferior show, while champion Clay Matthews was the centre of attention on the WWE’s Smackdown.