Brett Keisel’s beard almost deserved its own spot on the Steelers’ 53-man roster. It was quite seriously one of the hottest topics at Super Bowl XLV in North Texas. Keisel spent most of his media sessions being asked a series of beard-related questions.

But he was a good sport about it, even telling me he was pleased that the beard had made it so he no longer had to talk to the media about, you know, football.

Now, though, the season is over and Keisel’s wife probably started applying pressure. Finally, Keisel has sheared the beard. He had it shaved off last night at a public event to raise money for charity.

Art Rooney made the first cut, with Aaron Smith and Hines Ward stepping in as temporary barbers as well. Eventually, a 9-month-old beard that had seemingly taken on a life of its own was no more.

The transformation is unbelievable. I had completely forgotten what Keisel looked like without massive amounts of hair covering his face and neck.