So the Dallas Cowboys plan to interview Cam Newton at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, and now everyone in the football capital of the world is losing control of their bladders.

Calm down.

The Cowboys will be interviewing 60 players this week.

Dallas has no reason to touch a guy like Newton with the No. 9 overall pick, but that doesn’t mean the team shouldn’t talk to him. What if he slides? A guy with Newton’s skill set could help right away as a backup while being groomed as the successor to Tony Romo.

“I wouldn’t dismiss any player that’s going to be in that draft and wouldn’t express interest,” Jerry Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “So much happens with the circumstances that are there, not only on draft day but how we continue our process.

“But I do feel like we’re in really top shape, I’m going to really say outstanding shape, at the position. Obviously, a quarterback to draft right now is a future consideration.”

The Cowboys have defensive needs to be filled — they don’t have the luxury of using a top-10 pick to address a position that they’re set at. Tony Romo is only 30 and only missed three starts in three years before going down for the majority of the 2010 season with a broken clavicle.

In six starts last year, Romo completed nearly 70 percent of his passes despite next to no help from the Dallas running game. In 2009 — the best season of his eight-year career — Romo passed for nearly 4,500 yards while tossing just nine interceptions. He’s a franchise quarterback, he’s healthy again, and he’s nowhere near the end of his prime.

The Cowboys don’t need a quarterback. That Newton is one of 60 players on their Combine interview list only means they’re curious.