If we haven’t reached the point yet where we’re giving updates on every muscle movement of Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith, we’re definitely going to get there over the next three days. Soon, we’ll have reports on not only what members of the union and league representatives ate for breakfast, but also what brand of kibble they feed their dogs.

This is the first of what could be several lockout watch posts today, and many this week (hey, at least we’re getting great mileage out of this Anchorman mash-up).

After meeting for seven days under the guidance of federal mediator George Cohen, the two sides took a weekend break that extended through Monday, and are set for a pivotal day of negotiating today. There are enough variables and murky legalese surrounding this meeting to induce severe migraines, making the slightest change in meeting habits significant.

Today, as opposed to beginning their session in the morning as they did most of last week, the NFL and NFLPA will sit down at 1 p.m. ET. Every hour is precious, and every lost hour risks turning a week of grinding it out into a public relations ploy.

When the meeting starts today, only 59 hours will remain until the CBA expires, and a lockout is official. That is, unless the union decertifies, or if the league declares an impasse. That’s also 59 more hours until there’s no free agency, OTA’s, and potentially no training camp and 2011 season in the ultimate doomsday scenario. And it’s 59 more hours until we’re doing many more lockout posts.

Anyone have an Advil?