Shaun Rogers has found a new team, just in the nick of time.

Three weeks after being released by the Cleveland Browns, the big defensive tackle has signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. Rogers had just over 48 hours to sign with a team before an expected work stoppage freezes all player movement.

The key is that it’s a one-year deal. With the right motivation, Rogers could regain his former glory. He’s immensely talented for his size and has shown glimpses of greatness, but the Browns grew tired of his act. Rogers gained a reputation as a lazy player and his injuries seemed to linger for far longer than they were supposed to.

But Rogers will be forced to prove himself in a contract year.

It might also help that the three-time Pro Bowler will finally be playing for a team with a winning reputation. Here’s a look at the records of the teams Rogers has played for in his 10-year career:

2001 Lions: 2-14
2002 Lions: 3-13
2003 Lions: 5-11
2004 Lions: 6-10
2005 Lions: 5-11
2006 Lions: 3-13
2007 Lions: 7-9
2008 Browns: 4-12
2009 Browns: 5-11
2010 Browns: 5-11

That’s right. Zero winning seasons out of 10 and an overall record of 45-115. No playoff appearances, obviously. His team has finished dead last six times in 10 years. The other four years: second-last.

The Saints were in need of a big defensive tackle to pair up with Sedrick Ellis. Rogers and Ellis are both good at getting to the quarterback, but Rogers is probably better at clogging up running lanes.

No word on what the price is, but this looks like a great signing by the Saints.