As of this writing, 32 hours remain until the CBA expires, a lockout begins, and Darnell Dockett starts spamming the interwebs with his sex videos. All three of those scenarios have me deeply depressed, but for the love of god please don’t let Dockett’s uncovered body show up on my computer screen again.

There’s a book full of awful clich├ęs for times of desperation. For example, they may or may not call for desperate measures.

The NFL and NFLPA didn’t get their copy of that book. Their meeting today lasted just over two hours.

The optimism is clearly encouraging, and Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks isn’t the only one to report an air of positive vibes surrounding the offices of mediator George Cohen today. Prior the meeting–which was the ninth negotiating session between the NFL and NFLPA–David Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal talked to Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, who also spoke of sugarplums and peaches. The entire NFL labour board was present at today’s meeting, which features Richardson, Pat Bowlen, Art Rooney, Clark Hunt, Mark Murphy, John Mara, Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Dean Spanos, and Mike Brown.

Today’s brief encounter thickens the fog of confusion surrounding the labour negotiations. While the reports of optimism are spreading cheery visions of football this fall to everyone, a day after waiting until 1 p.m. ET to begin their meeting the league and union were on banker’s hours again today.

I’m sure the owners just had to pack it in for the daily 4 p.m. dinner at their retirement homes in Del Boca Vista.

The quick session may seem odd for fans assuming that the suits holding power over a massive enterprise would meet around the clock until Thursday turns into Friday. But there’s a method to this legal madness. The owners had a separate meeting to attend at 3 p.m. ET, and although there was speculation that another evening mediation session would be held, that apparently won’t be happening. Mediation will resume with the 11th hour looming on Thursday.

The gag order for both sides largely continued as they left the meeting room, but at least the media holding its lockout vigil was able to squeeze a few words out of union president Kevin Mawae. The former Titans centre simply said that the NFL and NFLPA continue to talk, and that’s “better than not talking.”

We’ll take it.