I’m not sure why there’s a sense of surprise surrounding the Green Bay Packers’ decision to release linebacker A.J. Hawk.

Hawk, who sucks, was slated to make $10 million on the first day of the new league year (which would ordinarily be Friday).

Yes, he was the captain of a Super Bowl champion’s defence, but this is a business (pardon the clich√©). Hawk and his whiny brat brother-in-law should have seen this coming — the whole world saw this coming.

The team likes Hawk. He’ll probably never be a Pro Bowler and almost certainly won’t live up to being a No. 5 overall draft pick, but he’s the kind of player any team with a 3-4 defence can use. Still, he’s only a borderline starter with Nick Barnett and Brandon Chillar healthy.

And that’s the beautiful thing about non-guaranteed contracts. You don’t get paid if you don’t perform.

Now the former Ohio State star must swallow his pride and sign a new deal with the Pack or move on and get similar money from a lesser team. That’s the way it goes.

This isn’t new.