• Darnell Dockett knows that at least there are a few positives coming his way if and when an NFL lockout becomes official.
  • In even better Twitter fun, when he’s not busy being more fragile than a styrofoam cup, Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman is hitting on WWE divas, and getting publicly mocked by WWE wrestlers.
  • CNBC’s Darren Rovell gets into more detail about the television contracts negotiated by the league and deemed to be a violation by judge David Doty. As Rovell writes, the players gained back some leverage with yesterday’s ruling, but when a lockout begins the prime factor impacting negotiations will still be the looming season and the potential loss of games.
  • With the dust now settled on the latest labour development, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio breaks down the language of Doty’s ruling, calling it a “no-brainer.”
  • When the NFL and NFLPA strapped on their gloves for another round of mediation Wednesday morning, two of the union’s most important members made their first appearances. Like every tiny detail of this process, how this is viewed depends on how much liquid is left in your glass.
  • Michael Vick is set to sign his franchise tender, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Of course, that’s a contract designation that could no longer exist in the very near future depending on the structure of the new CBA. Uncertainty is the new black in the NFL.
  • The next stop on the Bob Sanders employment search tour are the offices of the New York Jets. No word on whether or not Fireman Ed is used during the wooing of free agents, but I’m holding on to that mental image anyway.
  • With teams still able to make cuts until the CBA expires, Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian could be next to receive his walking papers.
  • Quick aside: over the next 36 or so hours, a fun and highly effective drinking game would be to take a shot every time we write “CBA” in a post. Not that I’ve ever participated in games that encourage alcohol binging…

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