Three hours ago, there were two big-name safeties on the free agent market. Now, there are none.

Not long after Oshiomogho Atogwe signed with the Washington Redskins, Bob Sanders has joined the San Diego Chargers.

The Colts, who are constantly stumped by the Chargers when the two meet, can’t be happy to see the former stud of their defence join a rival like San Diego. At the very worst, the Bolts will pick Sanders’ brain. At the very best, Sanders will return to his 2007 form.

In ’07, he was the league’s defensive player of the year. Since then, he’s missed 39 of a possible 48 games. But the upside of that is that the 30-year-old’s legs are likely relatively fresh.

He also fills a major hole for the Chargers. Eric Weddle’s a good player, but he’s set to become a free agent. Beyond Weddle, they have nobody of note at the safety position. And it’s only a one-year contract, so it’s a low-risk move by Chargers GM A.J. Smith.