Remember this morning when I set the over/under at 4.5 for the total “lockout watch 2011!” posts? If you took the over, your prize is getting to read about eight more tomorrow.

The Earth moved slightly beneath my feet when it was announced that the deadline was extended for 24 more hours for the NFL and NFLPA to hammer out a new CBA. What did those shock waves mean exactly? As Gagnon explained earlier, it depends on the water level of your glass.

I threw my glass out the window a long time ago, and so did Vonnie Holliday it seems. The Redskins player representative gave us just over an hour to bask in the glow of our euphoric optimism. Evidently escaping the watch of Big Brother and the labour negotiation thought police, Holliday disregarded the media gag order and spoke his mind to Lindsay Czarniak of NBC4 in Washington.

Holliday’s comments conflict with fuzzy reports of a positive development coming out of today’s meeting. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the league made a proposal, and it was well received by the union.

What we know is that we know very little still, other than that the clock has moved back, and as of this writing there’s 29 hours until the CBA expires. A little while ago there were just five hours left, so the opportunity for further discussion is clearly encouraging.

Even if that 11th hour finally passes and a lockout becomes a reality, the chains around practice facilities won’t have a major impact on players until training camp. Just ask Mark Clayton.