Bill Cosby had it all wrong. Kids can be cute and unpredictable when you put a camera or microphone in their face, but it’s really football players who say the darndest things.

Put a cyber mic in front of an NFL player, and you have yourself an afternoon of entertainment. But in the days leading up to these final hours that will bring a significant development in the NFL labour talks, have the players been using the power of social media to express their concern, angst, or indifference?

We scoured the gluttony of player Twitter accounts, sifting through the mountain of broken pig Latin that passes for cyber-speech. For most, offseason adventures like a trip to Disney World were a much higher priority.

But not for Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, whose optimism is running on empty.

Drew Brees, who is a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee, is behind those closed doors where important people are discussing important matters in Washington. He wasn’t sure if anyone knew the players want to get a deal done. So he told us, just in case.

Vince Wilfork has been busy taking care of important family matters.

Pierre Garcon has been covering his lockout bases too. He knows it’s a good idea to cut back on personal expenses when you’re facing a potential layoff.

Garcon is clearly poking fun and trying to find some humour in a serious situation. But Texans running back Derrick Ward is dealing with a serious situation of a different kind. He should probably get advice from Garcon about financial planning during a lockout.

Meanwhile, Nick Mangold isn’t worried about anything except his ongoing experimentation with bodily functions. At least he’s found a way to keep busy.