• Well hello there, and welcome to a day that is potentially, maybe, probably the NFL’s doomsday. We’ll be with you throughout the day as we inch closer to midnight and a work stoppage. Getting tired of that Ron Burgundy/Brian Fantana piece of amateur Photoshopping we’ve been using for a month now for lockout posts? I’ll put the over/under on the appearance of that picture today at 4.5.
  • Social media has touched nearly every facet of our lives, a trend that very much includes the NFL labour negotiations. Five years ago we had no idea that tweeting, getting tweeted, and checking tweets would become so important. Now, league spokesperson Greg Aiello regularly relays important developments through his Twitter account, and Yahoo! is running a live lockout tracker featuring tweets from prominent NFL media members.
  • So what’s the lockout forecast amongst those who are the guardians of insight and insider information? Cloudy, with a chance of more dark clouds, mixed in with a few really gray ones.
  • One football league’s loss is another league’s gain, or something like that. If the ultimate nightmare plays out and we end up without NFL football on Sundays this fall, try not to drown your sorrows too much in frothy beverages. You might sleep in too late and miss some lingerie football action.
  • I meant to include this in yesterday’s NFL Combine wrap-up, but to the surprise of no one, Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy is a brainchild. McElroy is recovering from an injury suffered at the Senior Bowl, so the only Combine event he participated in was the Wonderlic test. All he did there was score a 48 out of 50, an expected outcome for a player who took full advantage of his free education and graduated with a marketing degree in just three years.
  • Wednesday night A.J Hawk‘s time in Green Bay briefly ended. Now, he’s on the verge of signing a new five-year deal, restoring peace in the Cheesehead kingdom.
  • Veteran defensive tackle Pat Williams says whenever football is played again, he won’t be suiting up in Minnesota.
  • In Steelers news, James Harrison has now gone under the knife twice in the early days of this offseason, and Art Rooney wants Flozell Adams to stick around for a while.
  • It’s been six long weeks since Jay Cutler left the Bears’ NFC title game with a knee injury, and the wounds still run deep in the Windy City. So deep that angry and crazy men are getting naked and shouting obscenities. Similar to getting booed on the road, is making people so angry that they rip off their clothes some form of compliment for an athlete? Frank Ricard approves…

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