The List: NFL's best uniforms

This is how desperate we are for content. With player movement frozen and bargaining sessions taking place behind closed doors, the Goal-Line Stand is standing still. We’ve been doing a lot of reading and planning for the future, but to keep you coming back in the meantime, we can always resort to stupid lists.

Like this one.

Who has the league’s best uniforms? It’s a completely subjective topic, but here’s the answer…

10. Green Bay Packers: Green and gold are forever synonymous with the Packers and Titletown. The combination is both unique and legendary. This uniform probably gives more Americans goosebumps than any other.

9. Seattle Seahawks: Those disgusting lime green alternate jerseys might be the ugliest in sports, but the simple pure blue home unis they wear on the majority of occasions are refreshing and fun. The limited streaks of neon green make it cool, too.

8. New Orleans Saints: For the most part, this list is about KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. The Saints don’t have flashy outfits, but the all-black is pretty sick.

7. San Diego Chargers: The Bolts present a rare case in which a team’s third jersey is actually its best. San Diego’s regular uniforms are solid, but it’s always special when they bust out the powder blue.

6. Atlanta Falcons: A lot of similar lists have the Falcons at the top, but while red and black naturally looks pretty legit, there’s something about this uniform that we don’t love. It might be the rather plain helmet and ugly logo.

5. Chicago Bears: You know what makes this uniform great? The three burnt orange rings on the shoulders and socks. They also own that navy blue.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Packers and Steelers both have hip hop songs based on their team colours. But we feel as though the black and yellow looks cooler than the green and yellow, mainly because the Steelers look like giant bumblebees.

3. Oakland Raiders: It’s so easy to hate the Raiders, but it’s almost impossible to hate their uniforms. They’re just so mean, so angry. Nothing sexy, because that’s not Oakland, and it certainly isn’t Al Davis and his team’s philosophy. Just silver and black, combined with a logo that is so bad-ass it spawned a new trend in hip hop culture.

2. Cincinnati Bengals: Some have called Cincy’s uni cheesy, but there’s something about those remarkably unique helmets and the combination of black and orange that makes us love this thing. If the team was ever any good, this would be a scary look.

1. Cleveland Browns: And for the first time in history, the Browns and Bengals lead a list for something good. The Browns get love for being classic and basic and yet finding a way to be unique. No logo necessary. The colours tell the story.

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  1. Probably the worst version of this article I have ever seen, and I’ve seen this exact article at least 30 times. Bengals have no place on here. Browns at 1 is insane.

    • @Chris: I think we make it relatively clear in the introduction that a list like this is completely subjective. Like where we said, “it’s completely subjective.” This is us telling you what we like, because we can.

      @Yarr: Considered Baltimore. The Ravens and the Vikings are probably our honourable mentions. Not a big fan of Baltimore’s regular uniforms, just the alternate all-black.

  2. the ravens all black uniforms needs to be here. ray lewis looks like the grim reaper in it.

  3. Agree w/ Baltimore. And enjoy that my Raiders get some love… for something… we’ll take anything at this point.

    If the labor dispute continues I’m looking forward to the list of the Top 10 Arena Football League Players Whose Wives Are Decently Hot.

  4. Banking that idea, Greg. Please keep brainstorming. We’re going to need it!

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