Social media gives athletes and celebrities immediate access to share their thoughts with the world. Usually this results in harmless fun, like Nick Mangold exploring the limits of his bodily functions.

But sometimes, the immediacy of these cyber social tools–especially Twitter–provides an easy opportunity for stupidity, a lesson Kareem Jackson has now learned the hard way.

The Texans cornerback was on vacation in the Dominican Republic recently. He did nothing illegal, and some other pictures he posted on his Twitter account show him generally living the lavish, easy-going lifestyle one would expect from a rich 22-year-old athlete. It was the cockfighting pictures that are problematic.

Jackson posted several pictures of a cockfight he attended, one of which is shown above. He later deleted some of from his account, but there’s no real delete button on the Internet. Those nasty Interwebs have a way of preserving bad decisions.

Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican, and although some may frown on Jackson’s mere presence at a cockfighting event, he did nothing wrong until he broadcasted it to the world.

Jackson is part of a league in which every public thought Michael Vick utters relating to dogfighting is greeted with a massive backlash, as activist groups passionately protect animal rights. He’s aware of this, and must be mindful of the fact that in many circles, animals rights are a sensitive and highly polarizing issue. Yet Jackson still chose to publicize his attendance.

I just hope Little Jerry is alright…