Who wants a 35-year-old running back who’s been out of the league for four years?

Tiki Barber is returning to the National Football League. Or at least he’s going to try to, if anyone wants him. That’s according to several sources, including Jay Glazer of FoxSports.com.

This is baffling. Barber was lauded in 2006 for going out on top, similar to the way Barry Sanders and Jim Brown did it in previous eras. And now he’s likely setting himself up for failure in the same way he drowned while trying to be that serious newsy guy in his post-football television career.

To his credit, Barber ran for over 1,500 yards and averaged better than five yards per carry in his final two seasons, but that was half a decade ago. There’s a big difference between 31 and 36 (his birthday’s in April).

If Barber does successfully return, it’s not likely to be with the Giants. As an analyst, he had harsh words for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning in 2007. The G-Men went on to win the Super Bowl, and there’s a belief that the relationship between Barber and the team hasn’t been the same since.

The obvious question: Could this be about money? Barber seems relatively smart, so you’d think he’s taken good care of his cash. But he also recently left his pregnant wife, and I hear those situations can get pretty expensive. In June of last year, the New York Post reported that Barber was broke.