We’ve learned many, many times that if you want to bet on something–anything–Vegas and its army of gambling websites are more than happy to accommodate.

You’ve already sacrificed your favourite watch and have established a comfy seat in the doghouse after losing dough on the NFL Combine. But you’re hoping to chase that bet with a well-researched wager on the breed of Michael Vick’s next dog.

But of course, there’s another football-related betting option in the very near future: the draft. Supplied by Sportsbook.com, the odds give Blaine Gabbert the early advantage over Cam Newton. Nick Fairley is favoured over DaQuan Bowers, while Mark Ingram and Julio Jones are in a dead heat.

The major pro days are just beginning (Newton is throwing today), so these numbers will rise and fall as we chug towards April 28.