• Ryan Mallett thinks he’s Eminem, according to one anonymous scout. For his sake let’s hope it’s the more mature Eminem, and not the late 90′s version that grabbed his you know what, and flipped his you know who.
  • If the Panthers pass on Cam Newton, his most likely landing spot is in Buffalo. The Bills hold the third overall pick, and already took their potential future quarterback out for a night on the town.
  • Mike Ditka talks loudly, so people listen. If it were up to him, Newton would be the first quarterback off the board in April because his leadership qualities remind him of Tim Tebow, but bigger. Also, we’re all still waiting for the day when an entire interview with a major Chicago sports personality is completed and Jay Cutler‘s toughness isn’t discussed.
  • Steelers owner Art Rooney joined the owners for today’s mediation session that started at 9:30 a.m. ET. As Arrowhead Addict writes, it’s difficult to see what difference his presence will make if the release of financial statements is the deal-breaker.
  • The players’ association continues to request financial information from the league, and continues to be denied. The euphoria of Friday’s deadline extension has faded, and Yahoo’s Michael Silver says the owners need to finally move beyond the “trust us” negotiation strategy if NFL Armageddon is to be avoided.
  • I know this is shocking, so please make sure you’re sitting down. It seems there’s a disconnect between the NFL and NFLPA, and the league claims it has made more financial information available than ever before.
  • Raheem Morris thinks stats are for losers. That’s an attitude that might work well for him on the sidelines of a football field, but it won’t last long on the sabermetric-mad baseball diamond. That didn’t matter though during Morris’ major league managing debut yesterday.
  • Sticking with Morris and the Bucs (hey, that’s the name of my garage band!), the coach is open to the idea of Tiki Barber joining his brother and signing with Tampa Bay now that he’s an un-retired free agent. Little does he know that Tiki has actually been playing cornerback and alternating with Ronde for the last four years.

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