• Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather allegedly fired his gun at two people during a scuffle at a house party on Feb.27, according to Deadspin and the Twitter account of ex-Miami Hurricane and radio personality Dan Sileo. A bullet reportedly grazed one man, while the other was struck in the head and is “lucky to be alive,” according to his attorney. An investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.
  • There’s a little less than 38 hours until NFL Armageddon, so it’s wise for players to be busy planning ways to keep themselves occupied if football isn’t around this summer and fall. Hines Ward will be dancing, while both Clay Matthews and Bart Scott have taken their turns running with men in tights inside a wrestling ring. Meanwhile, Chris Johnson has Olympic aspirations.
  • One of yesterday’s major labour developments came when union leader DeMaurice Smith definitively said there would not be an 18-game season. Gagnon posted the initial remarks from Smith last night when he told Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter that an expanded schedule is off the table. If you’ve ever wanted to see an important leader elaborate on his important remarks in a Blair Witch-style video, you’re in luck.
  • Speaking of important happenings, it seems like something important is going down in Washington today. We can’t be sure, but it may involve the fate of a massive, lucrative league that’s on the verge of pissing off a lot of people. Maybe that’s why more rich men in suits are showing up.
  • At the Texas A&M pro day Wednesday highly-touted linebacker Von Miller raised his draft stock even further by improving on his 40-yard dash time. Miller registered a time of 4.49, which beat his previous time of 4.53 from the Combine. It’s growing increasingly unlikely that Miller will fall to the Cowboys at No. 9, but that won’t stop the Texas native from showing his interest in playing with a blue star on his helmet.
  • Leading draft analyst Mike Mayock gave his take on Alabama’s pro day, saying that while Mark Ingram may be pleased with his improved 40-yard dash time, it can be “thrown right out the window.”
  • With or without a lockout, football players usually have a bit of time on their hands right about now. Redskins tight end Chris Cooley decided to go through the fan mail that’s been piling up in his basement for two years…all 1,000+ envelopes. He posted about his journey through inmate letters, wedding invitations, and real estate agents sending brochures to Redskins Park on his always entertaining blog. The highlight is easily this line:

“Although I probably won’t attend, if you’re having a wedding soon, please keep in mind that an invite is in my top 5 favourite fan mail items. I’ll leave the address at the bottom. Wes, your football ticket invites were awesome, but tell your wife she looks like a slut in that Cowboys jersey.”

And we digress…

I’m not sure which foreign land this video is from, but if you’re ever there with your dog and experience a brief bout with laziness, make sure you’re not around this guy.