The NFL’s players are seeking a preliminary injunction to block a lockout. That will likely be heard in court early this week. If the players are successful, free agency and the new league year could start at some point late in the week. The two parties would then battle over the next CBA while the offseason progressed at its regular pace.

Maybe, privately, Roger Goodell is hoping that the players win that initial court battle.

Or at least Goodell’s wife is.

That’s because Goodell’s salary has now dropped from $10 million to $1.

Back in January, Goodell stated he’d reduce his salary to a buck if the league and the players couldn’t come to an agreement in time to avoid a work stoppage. At midnight, work stopped.

Fortunately, the Goal-Line Stand has several suggestions for what the commish can do with his single dollar, assuming he’s getting it in a lump sum.