• About a month ago we told you that even if the NFL’s ultimate nightmare becomes a reality and regular season games are lost this fall due to the lockout, we’ll still be able to lick our wounds on Sundays and play pretend football. Now we’ve found a suggested cover for this year’s edition of Madden. Laugh it up, but let’s just hope the Madden curse doesn’t apply to satirical Photoshopping.
  • Adam Schefter reports that a ruling on an injunction to block the NFL’s lockout is likely a month away instead of a week.
  • We’re just starting Day 3 of the lockout, and Chad Ochocino is already struggling with his budget. He’s not being factitious at all either, but at least when he’s not worrying about his nickels and dimes Ocho is finding productive ways to spend his new-found free time.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t get any better than a well-timed piece of ironic advertising. So thanks, Sprint, given Friday’s events we’re definitely excited for every second of that 2011 season

  • Speaking of the always informative PFT, Mike Florio provides some heavy but required reading breaking down the financial divide that led to Friday’s collapse.
  • We already know that Big Brother will be watching coaches and their interaction with players closely during the lockout, but what about general managers and their business relationships with agents? They’re allowed to discuss college prospects available in the draft, but the conversation log GMs are required to keep can’t reflect any talk with agents about current players.
  • We’ve written and re-written the fact that during a lockout the NFL is in deep freeze mode, meaning the normal sequence of offseason events (free agency, trades, any player movement whatsoever) is on hold indefinitely. The major exception is the draft, an event that also permits the only type of trading we’re going to see for a while: the trading of draft picks. Teams are still able to move picks during the draft, and ESPN’s Mike Sando has started to analyze the trade value of first-round picks in recent years.
  • Mike Mayock helped to grow the mystery around Cam Newton by placing the Auburn quarterback 21st in his mock draft released late last week. Fellow NFL Network talking head Brian Baldinger’s mock draft is similar in some ways, but the glaring difference is that Baldinger bumps Patrick Peterson up two spots and his him as the first cornerback to be selected with the top pick. Baldinger also sticks with what seems to be the more common opinion on Newton, pegging him to be selected early and go to Arizona at No. 5.

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