Lots of football fans play Madden, and there are lots of football fans in Chicago.

So it’s safe to say quite a few gamers have had to deal with the electronic version of their hometown Bears playing at “Chicago Stadium.”

Those days appear to be over.

Soldier Field and EA Sports have finally come together to bring the stadium into the game, according to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune.

“They never reached out to us in past years,” Soldier Field spokesman Serra said told Pompei. “We absolutely wanted to work with them, be well represented in the game and have an accurate depiction of the stadium. Apparently there was a misunderstanding that we were not interested.”

This might seem like a fairly irrelevant news story, but don’t underestimate how big Madden is. And don’t underestimate how important it is for Madden players to feel as though they’re getting the real deal.

There’s nothing more frustrating than playing in franchise mode with your favourite team, led by “QB Bills” instead of Jim Kelly. Licensing spats have for years vexed gamers, who have trouble suspending their video-game disbelief when playing home games at a generic venue named “Chicago Stadium.”

So enjoy, Chicago Madden players. You now have a home stadium.