One of the odd aspects of a lockout: team websites — run by the league — are no longer interested in connecting themselves with the players. Some have already begun to remove them entirely from the pages of their site.

Take, for example, the Carolina Panthers’ official website, Go there and you’re greeted with four top stories:

1) A profile on North Carolina cornerback Kendric Burney.

2) A story on Wake Forest’s Pro Day.

3) A profile on LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, who may very well be a future Panther.

4) A preview of the defensive backs in the upcoming draft.

Four draft-related stories, zero Panther-related stories.

Then you click on “TEAM” and you get nothing…

No roster, no depth chart, no player profiles.

And while other teams haven’t made such drastic changes yet, most are expected to in the coming weeks. Unless things change quickly.