• One word can make a world of difference in terms of public perception, and the options an organization has going forward. Monday afternoon we passed along a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter who cited a source saying the NFLPA is putting in place a plan to boycott the draft. Now the word “recommendation” has been tossed into that sentence in Schefter’s updated report, with his source saying the NFLPA is recommending that players attend a separate event they’re staging that will offer the same draft experience. No order has been given to skip the draft.
  • The quotes from yesterday’s media conference call with the NFLPA that are getting the most attention came from the mouth of Drew Brees, who repeatedly said the owners’ last proposal during mediation was all for show, and that they had no real intention to complete a deal. Predictably, Jeff Pash, the NFL’s lead negotiator, fired back in an interview with The Associated Press. Pash said the owners offered a 10-year deal.
  • Nate Dunlevy of 18 to 88 addresses a list of common misconceptions he’s noted about the lockout.
  • Titans owner Bud Adams has always been a straight shooter, so it’s not surprising that in a letter to season ticket holders his organization was quite candid about the possibility of losing regular season games.
  • Patrick Peterson now has visits lined up with every team that holds a top six pick. Peterson impressed coaches and general managers once again Monday at LSU’s Pro Day, although he only did position drills and chose to sit on his timed numbers from the Combine. The Broncos, who hold the second overall pick, have scheduled a private workout with the 20-year-old, while the Panthers were busy dining with the young man who could possibly become the first cornerback selected with the top pick.
  • NFL players are now free to do whatever they want, so of course three of them–Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Hester, and Dustin Keller–have turned to the noble and far less profitable craft of blog writing.
  • Reggie Bush‘s taste in women has gradually declined post-Kardashian.

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