Chad Ochocinco is a man of many talents. He dances, tweets, treats his name like a child’s toy, pretends to box, and pretends to be an elite NFL receiver.

His ability to keep himself occupied during the NFL lockout was never really in doubt. Instead, we wondered if he would do it in a rational, reasonably sane manner, without doing something like trying to invent the next sensation to revolutionize the contraception industry (what? he really did that already?).

Well, it looks like we can all resume normal breathing now, because Ochocinco will be doing something productive with his time. If you’re a fan of Major League Soccer’s Sporting KC, please accept my condolences. The blissful peace you find in the beautiful game has just been ruined.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite/hated dancing receiver will now be taking his act to a soccer pitch near you, if you live in Kansas City. Ochocinco tweeted that he’ll be training with Kansas City’s soccer team, an MLS franchise that just announced their new stadium to open this summer will be called Livestrong Sporting Park.

So to review, the marketing department for Sporting KC has reeled in two well established pieces of publicity eye candy–Ocho and Lance Armstrong through the stadium naming rights–in a matter of days. If nothing else, this at least makes a few more people care about MLS soccer in the area.

With the lockout still lingering for the foreseeable future, the normal rules and restrictions in contracts prohibiting players from participating in offseason activities like professional soccer don’t apply. Before everyone gets giddy about the prospect of seeing Ocho using his acting skills to fake an injury soccer-style, the team indicated on its Twitter page that he’s merely invited for a tryout, and isn’t guaranteed to appear in a game.

We say #Lethimplay.