• Proving once again that you should always feel safe while walking through a dark alley after you’ve won a CFL championship, Chris Leak‘s 2009 Grey Cup ring recently surfaced during the University of Florida’s Pro Day. As Kegs N’ Egos observes, the ring would also make a fine fishing lure.
  • Today’s sign of the lockout crushing the NFL’s news cycle :  NFL.com asked Adrian Peterson which Kardashian is the highest on his wishlist.
  • The Dawgpound Daily tells us what some of the prominent Browns players should be doing with their new-found free time in this locked out offseason. For example, Jake Delhomme should look out for the future of mankind and donate his body to science.
  • While we’ve been wondering what players will do to keep busy and stay out of jail during the lockout, it seems the owners may be the ones staring at the wall a little too long. Or maybe it’s just Dan Snyder being Dan Snyder. The perennial pompous, free-spending big wheel is now hoarding his dollars by stripping some unauthorized media outlets of the right to use the name “Redskins.” Snyder really is at the forefront of squashing public interest in his team after suing a columnist, and now ripping away rights from those who generate interest in the Redskins.
  • Maybe we shouldn’t refer to the Washington football franchise by its team name anymore either. I’ll consult with our legal department, but in the meantime Pro Football Talk’s Gregg Rosenthal is taking suggestions for alternatives. Since their current nickname is pretty offensive to some native Americans, I like Mike Silver’s suggestion of the “Washington Foreskins.” That shouldn’t offend anyone.
  • Troy Bergeron ended this past season as a practice squad player with the Cowboys, meaning you haven’t heard of him unless you’re related to Crazy Ray. But Bergeron went from being a nobody to being slightly notable today after becoming the first player to jump over to the arena league during the lockout.
  • Tom Brady selling his $14 million condo is also an early sign of players taking measures to cope with the lockout, and we’re only just beginning Day 5.
  • Randy Moss wasn’t included in the Titans’ long-term plans after this season, and somewhat gleefully the Daily Norseman wonders if he’ll find a home whenever football is played again.
  • If only for the amusement of seeing both Barbers wearing the same jersey and possibly switching with each other during the game, we’d love to see Tiki head to Tampa Bay. Rumours of the recently un-retired running back joining Ronde have been bouncing around since Tiki’s announcement, and as JoeBucsFan writes, the Buccaneers still aren’t exactly denying them.
  • The lockout isn’t stopping the Detroit Lions from holding tryouts for their cheerleading team.

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