That’s what everyone’s wondering but no one can figure out, more than a week after reports surfaced that the Patriots safety was involved in a shooting that nearly killed one man and grazed another’s face at a house party in February.

We’ve touched on this previously on GLS, but the details are murky. Here’s the latest:

Yesterday, Dino Costa of Sirius Mad Dog Radio reported on the air that Meriweather was indeed the shooter, according to “an impeccable source.” But Meriweather has not been charged with anything and his lawyer refuses to comment on that controversial report.

“I can tell you right now my client has not been arrested for anything,” the lawyer, Adam Swickle, told the Boston Herald. “He has not been charged with anything. I have heard absolutely nothing that makes me believe that he is going to be. So we’ll just let it play out.”

Swickle is performing his own investigation while the police continue to investigate the incident themselves.

Right now, everyone’s in a holding pattern until these investigations have been completed. One of Meriweather’s relatives claims he’s innocent (big surprise) while the attorney representing the men who claim Meriweather pulled the trigger has doubts of his own.

If I had to place a bet, I’d say one of Meriweather’s buddies fired the shots and those making the accusations simply realize that fingering a famous athlete is more likely to draw sympathy and/or attention.