• So it looks like Colts punter Pat McAfee really enjoyed himself on St. Patrick’s Day. Seen above in one of the many pictures posted on his Twitter account, Stampede Blue tells us that McAfee celebrated the day in a chicken limo while hawking T-shirts saying “I swam with Pat McAfee.” Pat, please ship about a dozen of those to the GLS headquarters.
  • While you were busy dancing with leprechauns last night, Roger Goodell was sending out an e-mail to players detailing the NFL’s last proposal, and imploring them to sit back down at the negotiating table.
  • Goodell may have had genuine intentions when he sent that e-mail to the players, or maybe it was yet another piece of rhetoric in the ongoing public relations battle. Either way, Chester Pitts sure didn’t like it, but he’s also been receiving bad information.
  • Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett didn’t appreciate Goodell’s messageĀ  either, calling the commish “a blatant liar.”
  • Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden wants to know who gave Goodell his e-mail address, an address that’s apparently sealed somewhere in Bodden’s confidential files, and even hidden from his mother.
  • Goodell wasn’t done there. In an interview with SB Nation on Thursday, the commissioner was asked about Adrian Peterson‘s slavery analogy that rocked the NFL Twitter-verse earlier this week. He sidestepped the issue with the political correctness of a man who knows very well that every syllable he speaks goes viral in seconds, a fact that escaped Peterson.
  • I would have given Goodell my next paycheck (hey, he needs it now) to say “you’re silly Adrian Peterson!”…
  • Meanwhile, Rashard Mendenhall doesn’t think Peterson is that silly at all. The Steelers running back proved he’s taken one too many hits when he hopped onto Twitter to defend Peterson’s comments. An actual quote form Mendenhall: “anyone with knowledge of the slave trade and the NFL could say those two parallel each other.” I’ll echo Chris Chase’s observation though and say that at least Mendenhall had the courage to respond to the inevitable backlash on his Twitter account, even re-tweeting some of the venom directed his way.
  • Thankfully, Saints fullback Heath Evans brings the conversation back into some realm of common sense. Evans told WEEI in Boston that although he respects Peterson and wishes he had even a tablespoon of his talent, his comments were “moronic at best.”
  • Just so we can say that actual football was discussed in today’s links, here’s Waiting for Next Year giving their take on the Browns’ offseason so far.

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