• Welcome to Day 10 of the NFL lockout, a battle that long ago crossed from legal wrangling to sandbox bickering. I can’t think of better Monday morning read than Mike Florio’s exhaustive breakdown of the legalease contained in the players’ antitrust lawsuit against the league.
  • Still awake? Well, here comes more good news then. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says teams have been told that heading into this year’s draft they are permitted to trade picks in 2012 and beyond. But they’ll be doing it at “at their own risk,” meaning they’re operating under the assumption that there will be a draft in 2012.
  • We’ve done a list detailing a few of the sectors tied to the economy that will be impacted by the lockout if games are lost in September. It’s a list that later included the once thriving chicken wing industry. The purpose of all that research was of course to show that a prolonged NFL lockout reaches far beyond football, but there are still seemingly mundane and routine offseason tasks directly tied to the game that can’t be completed right now. Like, say, the latest Super Bowl champions getting their rings.
  • It’s been a few weeks since Rex Ryan said something boisterous, and sadly, the Jets coach and Chad Ochocinco are providing the only entertainment during this offseason of depression. After guaranteeing his team will win the Super Bowl in 2012–if there is one–Ryan compared himself to legendary Yankees slugger Babe Ruth.
  • Joseph Okabe of 12th Man Rising is a Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder, which means he’s well-versed in the biggest ripoff in professional sports: forcing fans to buy tickets to two pre-season games.
  • Late last week Bear Goggles On expressed displeasure with the proposed new kickoff rules, writing that the threat of Devin Hester would be significantly minimized. It’s not the least bit surprising that the Bears will likely vote against the changes.
  • In his mock draft Gagnon noted that as NFL bloggers we’re legally obligated to slot Alabama running back Mark Ingram into the 15th spot going to Miami. Our legal team has also advised us to have Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert as the first two quarterbacks coming off the board, although we’re still free to choose who gets selected first. The Panthers hold the first overall pick, and head coach Ron Rivera said that if Carolina does pick a quarterback, Ryan Mallet is still in the mix.

And we digress…

This is slightly old by now, and it was featured in our Buzz section over the weekend. But if you haven’t seen this clip of a San Diego reporter experiencing a unique kind of workplace hazard, well, here it is…

Hey, it could be worse…