When Tiki Barber first announced his intention to play football whenever football is played again, everyone had the same two thoughts.

  • Who the hell would want him?
  • It would be really amusing and entertaining cool if he came back to play with his twin brother in Tampa Bay.

The first question still remains unanswered, but it seems we have a definitive response squashing our imaginations and the wacky pranks twins on the same team could orchestrate. Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Bay Tribune reports that the Buccaneers won’t be bringing Tiki in to share the sidelines with his brother Ronde.

The Bucs weren’t necessarily tripping over themselves to sign a running back who hasn’t played professional football in four years anyway. But out of all the rumoured destinations for the former Giant, Tampa Bay had the most legs. Head coach Raheem Morris made those legs speed up from a light trot to a brisk jog when he said the Bucs “can’t close the door” on signing the other Barber.

Tampa Bay becomes just the latest team to reportedly shoot down interest in Barber, with the Steelers and Ravens previously making similar announcements. Three teams (Oakland, New England, and the Jets) now remain from Peter King‘s short list of potential destinations for Barber. As Gagnon noted last week, all three are unlikely, but if Michael Bush leaves as a free agent Oakland becomes a stronger possibility.

After all, you just never know what Crazy Al is thinking.