Whenever sports and politics cross paths, it’s either a beautiful symphony of comedy, or a glorious train wreck. We saw an example of the latter when Tucker Carlson used his political platform to say that Michael Vick should have been given the death penalty.

In the latest example that started over the weekend with further details spilling out this morning, there’s a healthy mix of both. At the very least we can thank blabbering left-wing pundit James Carville and St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney for providing another comedic break from the lockout depression.

During Sunday dinner at the owners’ annual spring meetings Carville was brought in as part of the night’s entertainment (see: given a pedestal to get attention). While speaking to the owners Carville compared the 2012 presidential field to the NFC West, which remains the NFL’s notoriously pathetic division despite Seattle’s upset playoff win over New Orleans.

We’re sure there was an instant uproar of laughter around the room, with Jerry Jones high-fiving John Mara, and Bud Adams making sure Al Davis didn’t swallow his dentures (they take turns taking care of each other). But Devaney wasn’t laughing, at least not right away.

In a series of tweets this morning ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that initially Devaney “confronted and cursed” Carville. Grab your brass ‘nucks boys, it’s time for a throw down!

Or maybe not. League spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted a response from Devaney. He said they later joked, talked for 15 minutes, and left as friends, but Devaney still wasn’t pleased.

“Did tell Carville to stick it where sun don’t shine, but did not curse him. He knew I didn’t appreciate it, but from that point, we had a great talk. Think he’s a good guy who really loves football.”

Yes, all good talks start with requests to place objects in inappropriate places, and end with affection. The good ol’ boys club sure has a strange way of separating the alphas from the omegas.

However, maybe there was much more to this than merely football and male chest thumping. Gagnon has another theory.

“What we’re not considering is that, maybe, Devaney wasn’t offended as an NFC West general manager (how do you defend that division?) but rather as a right winger, or both,” said the Frenchman. “Did Carville find a way to unintentionally insult the guy twice in a matter of seconds? That would be pretty awesome.”