• Because Bill Belichick‘s every move has to be documented with photographic evidence (hey, he does the same with everyone else), here’s proof that he skipped out on a mandatory media breakfast yesterday. The horror! CBS’ Chris Prisco wasn’t pleased, and commenced his mountain construction on the mole hill site through his Twitter page.
  • The natural reaction when faced with an officer–or any authority figure–who’s asking you to pull your pants up is to feel shame and, well, pull your pants up. The crowd that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant hangs out with isn’t brimming with natural thinking people, and their reaction led to a police escort from a mall. Bryant may not have been the leader of the pants party, but he still responded with profanity and caused a commotion, according to the police report. He was reportedly issued a criminal trespass warning for not complying with a police request.
  • We’ve been busy listing the negative impacts of a lockout that causes the loss of games once the calendar flips to September. Yep, everything from fantasy football and local watering holes to the once thriving chicken wing industry will take a firm punch to the gut. But it’s encouraging to see at least one positive potential side-effect of an extended football hibernation: a decline in domestic violence.
  • Returning to the reality of negative lockout news, analysts estimate that the revenue EA rakes in from Madden ’12 could drop by $165 million with the loss of games.
  • The problem with the new kickoff rules is that while they may at least provide the opportunity for injuries to decrease, they’re minimizing players who have carved their niche by thriving in the those few seconds after a kickoff. Josh Cribbs is one of those players, and he’s not too happy about the changes. Same goes for Chicago speedster Devin Hester, although his glass is still half full.
  • Michael Vick‘s social status has risen to a level that deems him worthy of an umbrella holder. But his high school jersey still won’t be hung back up in the halls of his alma mater, at least not yet.
  • Taking their queue from Jeff Foxworthy, Behind the Steel Curtain runs down the list of symptoms showing a possible overdose on Steeler pride. Among the highlights are driving a neighbour’s cat to the next county because they’re Browns fans, and waiting up on Christmas Eve to make Santa Claus hand over Steelers season tickets.
  • The Daily Norseman gives Vikings fans some potentially good news on the Kevin Williams front.
  • Among Roger Goodell‘s many other statements yesterday when he broke his silence was his confirmation that the Lions have appealed their tampering charge.

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