Several players have had strong words for Roger Goodell and the league during this labour stalemate. And while some of them are well educated on the battle and are speaking strategically, making quality points in their criticisms, others are just running their mouths because it’s what they do best.

Take, for instance, Terence Newman. The Cowboys cornerback is in over his head in trying to attack Goodell. Here’s what he told TMZ:

“I think Goodell needs to make money because he said he’s going to take a dollar instead of his 10 million. So instead of 10 million he’s taking a dollar so he needs to fine people and he’s going to get the money that he fines people with. That’s what I get out of it.”

Anyone who has remotely followed this debacle is well aware that Goodell dropping his salary to $1 is a ploy to gain sympathy. The commish can pay himself back in bonuses once a new deal is signed. Newman doesn’t get it.

“He’s pocketing all of that,” he said. “Roger Goodell is pocketing that and he’s screwing the players. Roger Goodell is screwing the players and is pocketing all of that.”

The Dallas Morning News wonders if Newman was joking, because it’s almost hard to believe that someone could be this stupid. The video was shot at night and the scene looked busy, so here’s hoping Newman was intoxicated, because he certainly doesn’t look like he’s kidding around.

This is the more blatant way in which NFL players are hurting themselves in this labour war. The subtle, but equally idiotic strategy others are applying is continually reiterating that the union got a sweet deal in 2006. Admitting that is not going to help your peers in bargaining sessions or in court, guys.

This is why litigation is ideal for the players. A large number of the owners are rich because of their brains; the majority of players are rich because of their bodies. When the two parties attempt to go toe-to-toe in boardrooms, the owners have a massive advantage. They’re significantly smarter than the players are, and they know how to deal with scenarios like these.

The players are already beginning to crack. If their attempt to block a lockout is unsuccessful, it’ll only be a matter of time before the league forces the NFLPA to cry uncle.