• Shayne Graham proves that chicks dig more than just the long ball. There’s something irresistible about kickers too.
  • Mike Florio raises a point that’s been largely overlooked: while DeMaurice Smith et al are gently pushing rookies to stay away from the draft, NFL veterans are appearing as analysts on the NFL Network. The last time we checked, the enemy owns and operates that airspace.
  • Josh McDaniels‘ path to redeeming himself and one day returning to the sidelines as a head coach runs through Sam Bradford. So it benefits him greatly to have even more influence over the young quarterback as both the offensive coordinator in St. Louis and the quarterbacks coach.
  • Yesterday in this space we noted the thoughts of elite kick returners like Josh Cribbs and Devin Hester regarding the new kickoff rules. They clearly weren’t pleased, and realize their value has taken at least a slight hit. Jets return specialist Brad Smith agrees. He’s a free agent, and isn’t enjoying watching his stock drop.
  • Forget about soccer and dancing. A former Iowa State star has found a far more lucrative way for NFL players to keep busy during the lockout.
  • Blaine Gabbert had a private workout with the Cardinals yesterday. Gabbert has done the usual rounds of workouts and dinners with teams holding top picks. After Missouri’s Pro Day last week leading analyst Mike Mayock said Gabbert should be the first quarterback off the board, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Carolina calls his name with their first overall pick.
  • Dez Bryant denied that he was banned from the North Park Mall after his incident over the weekend, but it seems the 90-day ban is indeed real. If it sticks, retailers at the posh Dallas shopping centre are really going to miss their most loyal customer. They’ll just have to get through the next three months by thinking about the good times, like when Bryant’s broken ankle didn’t stop his shopping, and he was popping wheelies on his wheelchair while buying the newest Jordans. What a cute kid.
  • Santana Moss is getting inducted into the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame today. He’s also a pretty damn good bowler.
  • Today’s Pro Days won’t feature any marquee names, but we’ll still get a look at some wide receivers who could contribute in a few years and can be grabbed in the later rounds.
  • As we’ve written previously, if the Jets are forced to decide between Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards in their evaluation of which free agent wide receiver to keep, Holmes should be the easy winner. But regardless, Holmes is still a soon-to-be free agent, so maybe shopping for a lavish condo in New York right now isn’t such a good idea.

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