• Nothing kicks off a Friday quite like more labour talk. Someday this will all end, and we’ll have a nice story to tell our grandchildren, I guess. But for now, there’s an added wrinkle to the labour mess, as Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reported late Thursday night that the NFL will insist on HGH testing in the new CBA.
  • Packers tight end Jermichael Finley does not approve of Chad Ochocinco‘s soccer tryout, and wasn’t shy of saying so on Twitter. Of course, that prompted a calm response from the NFL’s leading social media diva.
  • Actually, Ochocinco is more than just the NFL’s leading Twitter addict. He’s one of the leading tweeters in the world, Ron. Anyone who’s following Ochocinco–all 1,855,197 of you–knows that most of what’s posted on his Twitter page is drivel in 140 characters or less. But Ocho is still listed as the second most influential person on Twitter in a recent study.
  • I’m having a really hard time mustering the will to continue with this day–or even finish this post–knowing that Ochocinco and Snoop Dogg are considered more influential on Twitter than Barack Obama. Also crippling is the thought that Rebecca Black is likely making $24,000 a week off of a song that could have been written by Antonio Cromartie’s children. Must…keep…going…
  • Oh good, maybe this will help. While Ochocinco has turned to soccer to keep busy during the lockout, Tim Tebow has been posing in his underwear. Nope, still nothing.
  • But wait, step off that ledge. Just when you’re ready to abandon all hope, Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton opens a whole case of truth serum while giving his take on the NFL labour debacle.
  • If that didn’t restore your faith in humanity–or at least the percentage of it that watches football and still cares about the lockout–then a Cleveland man suing the NFL over the labour strife definitely will. Suddenly, I feel uplifted.
  • Cam Newton‘s visit to Buffalo could further plant the seed for upstate New York becoming his next football home. Or it could just be a matter of due diligence for Chan Gailey.
  • Da’Quan Bowers‘ agent says his knee is healthy, but he’ll still have to prove it during a workout on April 1.
  • There’s little doubt that wide receiver Mark Clayton will re-sign with the Rams once the lockout ends.
  • Holy crap, there’s Hines Ward dancing…

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