Let the lockout protests begin?

This is NOT a shot of Sunday's protest. But wouldn't that be sick?

On Sunday, we saw the first real fan protest against a work stoppage. And naturally, it took place in Seattle, where counter-culture does quite well and protests aren’t uncommon.

Danny O’Neill of the Seattle Times was on the scene:

March Madness took on a different meaning on Sunday afternoon for the dozen or so fans who gathered outside the Seahawks Pro Shop at Qwest Stadium.

It wasn’t quite a protest, more like a rally that included a brief chant of “We want football” and plenty of frustration with the lockout that is currently under way in the NFL, the sport’s first work stoppage since 1987.

Jared Gamble, 27, arrived in a lab coat with Seahawks colors, sunglasses and a chemist’s safety goggles. He has been nicknamed Dr. Seahawk, called “The Mad Professor,” but on Sunday, you could just call him mad.

“They’re squabbling over our money,” he said. “And it’s kind of ridiculous that their biggest problem right now is how to divide $9 billion. That’s the gist of it.”

This wasn’t a massive rally, but it’s a start. Forget frivolous lawsuits — this is the real way to gain attention and sympathy while putting pressure on the NFL and NFLPA. Nicely done, Seahawks fans.