• Creepy, awkward humour can definitely sell, especially when you throw in a hulking Super Bowl champion linebacker who looks like he has no place on the set of a fake cheesy infomercial. As TotalPackers.com points out, that’s the recipe for a new Muscle Milk ad campaign featuring Clay Matthews and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.
  • Life as a 42-year-old woman usually doesn’t consistent of jumping around in a miniskirt and shaking pom poms in front of thousands at a football game, and potentially being on live television. But Bengals cheerleader Laura Vikmanis isn’t your normal 42-year-old, and every Sunday she’s part of the Ben-Gals alongside girls who are 20 years her junior. Soon, Vikmanis’ story will be on the silver screen.
  • Add Colt McCoy‘s status as the Browns starter to the growing list of possible lockout casualties. In a report that still very much seems like a stretch right now, Dan Pompei included a nugget in his Sunday column saying that an extended work stoppage could greatly hinder McCoy from learning Pat Shurmur‘s new offence, meaning Browns fans may not have seen the last of Jake Delhomme as a starter.
  • Injury prone Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been throwing and feeling good. Now for his sake let’s just hope that the communication line between Stafford and his coaches stays severed during the lockout.
  • So far during the draft season it seems like it’s illegal for any mock draft to have anyone but Mark Ingram–who’s likely to be the only first round running back in a down year for the position–going to the Dolphins with their 15th overall pick. But what if the notoriously RB hungry Mike Shanahan gets an itchy trigger finger when the Redskins are on the clock in the 10 spot?
  • The lack of a true blue chip first overall pick to anchor the top of this year’s draft (thanks, Andrew Luck) has increased the usual late March/early April mock draft shuffling. While names like Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert and Marcel Dareus are commonly seen going to the Panthers with their first overall pick, Pro Football Weekly puts speedy wide receiver A.J Green in the top spot.
  • Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver thinks the owners will win during their April 6 court date with the players, giving the league more leverage whenever CBA negotiations resume.
  • And we end with another news update from the Taiwanese Next Animation Studio as they attempt to make the lockout remotely interesting. I give it about another month before small businesses like “Mark Sanchez’s S.A.T tutoring” emerge and grow into thriving enterprises.

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