The List: NFL's worst uniforms

Three weeks ago today, we brought you our subjective list of the top 10 uniforms in football. And now we balance it out with the 10 ugliest.

10. Tennessee Titans: The Titans deserve some love for their baby blue alternates, but their regular navy blues are just bland and boring. Oh, and their flaming thumbtack logo sucks.

9. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have had so much success as a franchise, but the Steelers and Packers have become far more famous for their colours. There’s a reason for that. Red and gold just doesn’t do it for me.

8. Washington Redskins: The colours are now synonymous with the team, which is a good thing. But that doesn’t make them any less ugly, especially when they wear those blasted yellow-goldish pants.

7. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinal logo itself on a white helmet is fine. Everything beyond that is a disaster, especially when the Cards wear those hideous all-red uniforms.

6. Kansas City Chiefs: Just far too much red. It’s everywhere you look. The Chiefs fail in their attempt to mix yellow with the NFL’s most overused colour.

5. Carolina Panthers: Typically, newer teams have a tough time avoiding lists like these. That’s because most of the best nicknames, logos and colours have been picked over. The Panthers (Est. 1997) have a solid name and a decent logo, but that funky blue and shiny silver come together to define cheesy.

4. Buffalo Bills: They’ve overcomplicated a solid mix of colours. And those helmets have way too much going on. I’m thinking Bills fans would prefer their throwback alternates year-round.

3. Houston Texans: The Texans faced the same problem as the Panthers, but it seems as though they didn’t even try to establish something unique. These jerseys are just too generic and bland. And when they go all-red, it’s worse than it is in Glendale.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Teal!? Teal!? Was pink off limits?

1. Miami Dolphins: Ohio does it right and Florida does it wrong. In an apparent attempt to stand out, the Fins and Jags found away to utilize teal, aqua and coral … and television viewers pay the price. I realize that the Sunshine State is flashy, but both the Jags and the Dolphins have exceeded the per-team flash quota.