Your Madden cover update

Last week, upon learning that the next player to grace the cover of Madden would be chosen by the fans at in bracket format, we wondered if people would deliberately vote against their favourite players in order to avoid running into the Madden Curse.

But with Round 1 now in the books, it looks as though the top guns are simply moving on. There was only one major “upset” in the first round, with Browns running back Peyton Hillis taking down Ravens running back Ray Rice in a 10-7 matchup. On the other side of the bracket, No. 9 seed Adrian Peterson got past No. 8 seed Julius Peppers in a minor upset.

In the closest matchup of Round 1, No. 7 Patrick Willis barely held off Seattle’s 12th Man, winning 54% to 46%. It doesn’t appear as though there were any buzzer-beaters.

Based on the first-round numbers, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan seem destined to collide on the left side of the bracket, while Philip Rivers and Michael Vick are the heavy hitters on the right side. That means we’re likely to see an all-quarterback final four.

My prediction: Rodgers gets the cover.

And yes, I’m taking this very seriously.