• Leave it to Adam Schefter to remind us of how awful different this draft will be if you support a team that’s possibly looking to make a trade. Of course, those trades can still happen, but only under a very constrained set of circumstances. Yes, we’re looking at you, Kevin Kolb.
  • But hey, at least we have the draft, or else we would look something like this…
  • Don’t worry though, because Bud Adams guarantees the NFL won’t lose any games this fall due to the lockout. Adams may be a crazy old man who can’t be trusted to avoid the sunflowers while backing a car out of a driveway, but there’s something entrancing about his conviction. Let’s hope he’s right, because with no football he might not be in the mood to send out Christmas cards, and then we’ll lose even more entertainment.
  • He gave it the good ol’ college try, but it seems Chad Ochocinco‘s MLS tryout is about to end in failure. There’s still hope, but not much.
  • As Ocho has been more than eager to demonstrate, a lockout shouldn’t keep players from having a bit of fun. Bears tight end Greg Olsen sat alongside head coach Lovie Smith as the two were included on a panel judging the dunk competition at the McDonald’s All-American high school basketball game. Wait, what? I thought players weren’t allowed to have contact with coaches.
  • Priest Holmes is one of the four retired players filing a separate antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.
  • Colts centre and player representative Jeff Saturday had some interesting comments regarding incoming rookies and walking across the stage on draft day to shake Roger Goodell‘s hand. While he said players shouldn’t face any repercussions from their new teams after briefly making friends with the enemy, Saturday also called the act of greeting Goodell an “isolated incident.”
  • Buffalo is about to be a very busy place, with three of the arms at the top of this year’s quarterback draft class coming in for visits.
  • Steelers Lounge wonders if emerging young receiver Emmanuel Sanders can pass Hines Ward on the team’s wide receiver depth chart next year.

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