The draft’s most obsessive quality is the constant flow of opinions from February until the end of April. Everyone has a mock draft, from high-end national analysts to ranting bloggers and armchair quarterbacks.

Eventually, those mock drafts come together to from some kind of consensus in opinion before Roger Goodell steps up to announce the first pick in late April, and to get there some feelings are usually hurt along the way. The process has made ESPN’s leading draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.–who has been mocking the draft for 26 years–public enemy No. 1 amongst some players, general managers, and head coaches.

The angst towards Kiper and his hill of hair has produced some classic rants over the years, but the leader in the clubhouse is Bill Tobin’s diatribe in 1994. In a vintage clip passed along by the Sports Grid, Tobin is convinced that Kiper heavily criticized his draft choices because he’s from Baltimore and is still bitter about the team’s departure.

Keep an eye on that Kiper character, because Tobin says he gets to your sister, mother, and every known person in your family. He doesn’t say whether or not Kiper is coming through your window, but I’m sure Tobin would still recommend that you hide your kids and wife.

My god has Keith Olbermann ever aged terribly.