In previewing the Ravens draft with Brian Malan from Baltimore Beatdown, I was crazy enough to suggest that cornerback was a position of need in Baltimore. Malor put me in my place.

1. Biggest need in Baltimore: offensive tackle or cornerback?

Offensive tackle is by far the biggest need. Actually, cornerback isn’t even a top 4 need if you ask myself or any Ravens fans. We have a very solid group of CB already and a rookie is most likely not going to be seeing playing time over any of our top 4 right now. We would much rather take a player at OT, DE, OLB, or WR (which are FAR GREATER needs) that could start right away and have a major impact. Too many people think CB is a dire need for Baltimore, but they are extremely wrong. We need a better pass rush as well, and that will make our corners look alot better.

2. Can you see them trading out of the first round again?

I could possibly see Ozzie (Newsome) trading out of the first round. He doesn’t do it often as last year was the first year we ever traded out of the first and into the second. But if the right offer comes through like it did last year, it is definitely a possibility. But right now I will say Ozzie is going to stay in the first and most likely take a player that is in his top 20 that falls to 26.

3. The Ravens have gone away from drafting skill position offensive players early since selecting Joe Flacco and Ray Rice early in 2008. Do you see that changing this year or will they keep attempting to bolster the “aging” defense?

Well, the Ravens spent a third- and a fourth-round pick last year on two tight ends, so they have taken skill players fairly early. I could definitely see it happening this year with a receiver in the first or second round because Baltimore needs to get younger at WR and there is a good group of those players that will be available in the first two or three rounds. As far as the “aging” defense statement, I think that is such a misinformed theory about Baltimore. We have guys like (Haloti) Ngata, (Terell) Suggs to be the superstars for the future and have a very young secondary besides (Ed) Reed (who could very well play four or five more seasons) and got younger at defensive line with the Terrence Cody selection last year. Too many people call our defense an “aging” defense because of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. We are not that old of a defense and have alot of young players to take over once they are gone. But I could very well see Ozzie taking a skill position player early this year.

4. Who do you want them to take in Round 1?

A couple players that would be nice to see the Ravens take are OLB Justin Houston from Georgia, OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin and OT Derrick Sherrod from Miss. St. WR Torrey Smith and WR Jon Baldwin. Possibly CB Jimmy Smith if he drops, because he is too good to pass up at 26. It is too tough to tell who I want because Ozzie will definitely be picking the best player available in the first as he always does, and I am fine with that.