• Hey cool, looks like Colt McCoy caught the snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo. I wonder if he had to track it down at the top of the Empire State Building.
  • McCoy tweeting himself playing with wildlife wasn’t the only social media fun on Tuesday from the minds of bored football players. They may be mostly staying out of trouble on Twitter, but NFL players are still discovering the world of drag queens, and large offensive lineman are doing hot yoga.
  • We realize that Mike Mayock is pretty busy with the draft right now, but he should probably keep an eye on his daughter’s Twitter habits. Or maybe I’m already getting too old, and all the kids these days are sharing personal contact information with 708 random strangers.
  • So how are NFL players getting through the lockout when they’re not catching snakes, doing yoga, discovering drag queen reality shows, playing with Twitter, and maybe squeezing in the occasional workout? Well, it depends where they are on the pay scale and in their careers.
  • If you haven’t read Rich Cimini’s interview with Erik Ainge yet in which the Jets backup quarterback discusses his recovery from drug addiction, you should probably do that.
  • With Marc Bulger likely leaving as a free agent whenever free agency begins, the Ravens may look to draft a quarterback to learn under Joe Flacco, and that quarterback could be Ricky Stanzi.
  • Putting up smokescreens through the media to mask intentions certainly isn’t a new draft tactic, but it’s one that intensifies as we get closer to April. Many mock drafts have the Cowboys–a team very much in need of secondary help–pegged to take Prince Amukamara with their ninth overall pick. Amukamara is widely viewed as the second-best cornerback in the draft, but down at Jerryworld they’re reportedly losing interesting in the cornerback currently known as Prince, and want to trade down for offensive lineman Gabe Carimi. Smokescreen?
  • Sticking with the cornerbacks, Texas’ Aaron Williams has been on the edge of the first round, and has been battling Jimmy Smith amongst secondary needy teams like Pittsburgh that hold the later picks in the draft’s opening round. There’s still a lot of shifting to be done over the next month, but Williams’ strong Pro Day definitely helped his draft stock.
  • Remember when we conveniently provided some options to keep yourself from talking to plants if the lockout continues until September? I’ve already purchased 22 mice and began the rigorous training process for the inaugural season of MFL (Mouse Football League). You may not have to worry about any of that though, because at least one major college football conference is considering a move to fill the void on Sunday.
  • Fred Taylor thinks it’ll be “business as usual” for the NFL in another month or so.
  • Long after the draft is over, the buzz over whether or not Cam Newton was paid at Auburn won’t be ready to go away. Judging by the special report that’s set to air tonight on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, the public image of Auburn football is about to get tainted even further, if that’s even possible at this point.

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  1. … wait, isn’t Flacco like 27? Why would the Ravens be drafting someone who isn’t likely to be better and won’t be THAT much younger?

  2. As that report I linked to says, they’re not looking at Stanzi as a potential future replacement for Flacco. With Bulger leaving as a free agent, Stanzi would be a capable backup with some upside.

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