Chad Ochocino’s soccer abilities are only good enough to make him an honourary member of Sporting KC, but he’s still working hard this offseason and training for whatever sport he plays next. He has the pictures to prove it too.

Along with a large contingent of other NFL players, Ochocino was working out early this morning at the facilities of Bommarito Performance Systems in Miami.

Actually, we can’t be sure if Ochocino did any running, training, or if he participated in any physical activity whatsoever. Greg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk writes that he was in the 6 a.m. workout group, and these pictures were taken with the later, 8 a.m. group. But the photographic evidence published on Twitter by Ochocinco only shows that he was indeed at a place where physical activity is encouraged, and that he enjoys smiling in pictures alongside fellow locked out players.

They also show that Ocho has mastered the man hug.

First, we have Donte Stallworth. Let’s see if you can guess what Stallworth’s employment status is by looking at this picture. At least one lost soul has worn this shirt to the bar on a Saturday night.

Next we have Cleveland Browns wide receiver Mohamad Massaquoi. If he looks nervous, it’s because James Harrison is running in a full sprint just outside the frame, and during the lockout players don’t have medical coverage.

When Ochocinco posted this picture on Twitter he put “Panthers” in brackets beside Charles Johnson’s name. Sorry, Charles, you haven’t escaped bracket territory yet in the eyes of football’s best futbol player.

No man hug, and just a firm handshake between Ochocinco and Bears tight end Greg Olsen. They fought after this picture was taken.

While Ochocinco doesn’t have a drop of sweat on his body, Wes Welker has quite literally been working out for eight days, taking only periodic bathroom and food breaks.

Giants safety Kenny Phillips also gets the bracket treatment, and he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Finally, Bears running back Matt Forte flashes that sideways peace sign all the kids are doing nowadays.

Ochocino also worked out with and tweeted pictures of Titans linebacker Stephen Tulloch, Ravens cornerback LaDarius Webb, Redskins running back Andre Brown, Dolphins wide receiver Brooks Foster, Patriots running back Fred Taylor, and Panthers defensive end Everette Brown.