The only thing that sort of sucks about Seattle’s late-season miracle run? A 7-9 team is stuck with the 25th pick. Interestingly, Riley Moore from 12th Man Rising wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks actually ended up trading further down.

1. I guess the obvious first question is, Does this team need to draft a quarterback of the future? And if so, is it local boy Jake Locker?

Yes, and absolutely no. I think Locker is a great kid. He showed a tremendous amount of loyalty to the Husky organization when he stayed for his last year. That being said, I just don’t think he’s first-round material. His accuracy and intelligence are well known red flags for him. I sure hope he is successful wherever he ends up. You gotta love the locals, but I just don’t see that place being Seattle. So if not Locker, then who? My guess is Kevin Kolb. Andy Reid had recently commented that one team had already offered their first-round pick in exchange for Kolb, and I think that team is Seattle. The Eagles said that they were waiting to see if a team with a better pick made them an offer. Who else could it be?

2. Talk about Seattle’s top needs, aside from quarterback…

Offensive line: Russell Okung was a great pick last year, but the Hawks still need another one. The Hawks were 31st in rushing yards last season as a result of multiple starting lineups. I am a big supporter of building the line up before you draft the big-time QB. Great lines can make average quarterbacks look great and bad lines can make a great quarterback look terrible. My personal preference would be to take an O-lineman in the first round.

Cornerback: Kelly Jennings couldn’t cover a marble with a sleeping bag, and Marcus Trufant just keeps getting older. Expect to see Walter Thurmond III, Seattle’s fourth-round pick last year, in a starting role. He looks quite promising, however, the Seahawks still have a severe need at this position.

Defensive line: I would like to see the Hawks use a first rounder on either an o-lineman or this position. Their pass rush looked good at times, but was very inconsistent throughout the season. And what looked to be a good run defense early in the year sputtered and eventually broke down, finishing 21st against the run.

3. Can you see them trading up or down?

I really don’t see them trading up, however, I could absolutely see them trading down. This is a team with a lot of roster spots to fill and lacking a third-round pick. John Schneider is a former Packer front office guy who has brought the same philosophy to Seattle. He’s not afraid to trade down.

4. Any specific players you’re hoping the Seahawks take with that 25th pick?

Not really. As much as I hate to see the lockout, I kind of like the idea of free agency happening after the draft. The Seahawks would benefit tremendously by drafting first and then filling in the gaps with free agency. Best player on the board. Preferably an offensive or defensive lineman. Maybe a big corner.