• It’s baseball’s Opening Day! And this video has a football player in it!
  • Alright, maybe staying up until an unhealthy hour doing mock draft version 2.129 wasn’t a good idea, but man, was that ever fun. The two coffees this morning may hurt later too, but not as much as footing the bill to buy Carson Palmer‘s place in Cincinnati, which just went on the market.
  • The Ravens’ defence has had many peaks, and a few very shallow valleys over the years, but even the valleys have still been better than most team’s peaks. Unfortunately, father time isn’t a friend of Ray Lewis. Baltimore may consider drafting the next Lewis (hopefully) on April 28.
  • What’s that Adam Schefter? A.J. Green could go first overall? Where’s my coffee…
  • Kris Jenkins would be a nice fit in Washington to replace that childish malcontent otherwise known as Albert Haynesworth.
  • Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt stated what has become blatantly obvious with the varying direction of mock drafts: there’s no Sam Bradford this year.
  • Warren Moon isn’t pleased with the level of criticism being heaped on Cam Newton. We knew it was only a matter of time before someone played the race card.
  • Pewter Plank began their Hump Day Reach series yesterday in which they consider a hidden gem likely to be lingering on the board in the later rounds. The small but speedy Noel Devine out of West Virginia could became an ideal change of pace running back to complement LeGarrette Blount.
  • Just like the league they’re creating in virtual reality, EA Sports is getting serious about concussions in Madden ’12.

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