If the NFL were to lose games this fall due to a work stoppage, we’d have to find something else to do with our weekends. The Goal-Line Stand has already provided fans with 10 suggestions, and now Fox might have another option for those looking to get their football fix any way possible.

In the event of a lockout in the fall, Fox plans on televising high school football games in NFL-style productions, according to ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

First of all: as a former high school football player, I’m incredibly jealous of every single varsity football player in the United States for the ridiculously over-the-top coverage they already receive. Toss this in and get ready to see heads explode.

Secondly, I don’t see this paying off for Fox. If they’re actually considering this, the network must be using the completely false “football is football” mantra. Nothing compares to NFL football. If a lack of NFL football won’t send fans flocking to UFL and CFL stadiums, there’s no way they’ll be desperate enough to resort to spending their Sundays watching random high school games.

The struggles of the UFL, AFL and XFL and CFL prove that people aren’t glued to anything football. No, they’re glued to anything NFL football.

Do you know how much it costs to put on an “NFL-style” mobile production? This endeavor would be great for the kids and their families. Beyond that, it would bomb.