• We’ve finally reached Da’Quan Bowers Day, which isn’t a national holiday to our knowledge, at least not officially. Doubts surfaced about the defensive end’s surgically repaired knee after he skipped the Scouting Combine, and Bowers’ stock began to fall. As NFL.com’s Gil Brandt notes, Bowers needs to demonstrate that he’s at least 75 percent during his workout at Clemson’s Pro Day to re-gain his elite draft status.
  • Bowers’ 15.5 sacks led the nation last year, which is why his knee is being placed under a massive microscope. He’s the only first-round calibre player rehabbing a major injury, unlike last year when Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy were rebuilding their arms, and we learned about the struggles of Demaryius Thomas.
  • Oh, and ask Willis McGahee about pre-draft injuries. He might have something to say on the subject…
  • The Charlotte Motor Speedway is building a video screen that will dwarf the infamously massive screen at Cowboys Stadium. For his next trick, Jerry Jones will have to build a screen in the shape of a dome that’s so large it’s only viewable from hovering helicopters. Fans will line up and fork over hundreds to hop aboard these air vessels, but they will not be guaranteed seats.
  • Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield is one of the many players who isn’t enjoying having his contract status and future in limbo during the work stoppage.
  • Dan Marino assessed the Dolphins’ quarterback situation and said that giving up on Chad Henne this early would be a mistake, and that he wouldn’t trade more than a third-round pick for Carson Palmer.
  • John Elway is quickly becoming one of the most open, honest executives in the NFL, and he clearly enjoys speaking his mind. But even though he’s been given no reason to slap the “franchise quarterback” tag on Tim Tebow, it’s still odd and frightening how much the Broncos are looking into this year’s QB draft class, and how often and easily Elway will say that the team doesn’t have that cornerstone arm yet.
  • The ultimate nightmare scenario during the lockout of course is the loss of the entire 2011 season, and if that happens we may have seen the last of Tony Gonzalez.
  • Warren Moon is Cam Newton‘s adviser, and Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel doesn’t think Moon is doing his protégé any favours by pushing needless controversy onto a player who’s already dealing with plenty of questions about his past.
  • A court dismissed all charges against Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Last October while on injured reserve Dumervil was cited for assault and disturbing the peace during an argument with a parking lot attendant prior to Denver’s game against Oakland.

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